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By Akumu (3889 McR Points) on Aug 02, 2020

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As stated in my summary, this road isn't some slick shit killer like 536 or the freshly paved, as of July 2020, 255. It's more of an alternative to 78 E or W. I recommend coming up 536 North and then sliding onto Sykes, if you want to go East. By then you're already at the end of 536, pretty much. Pavement as of July 2020 is a 3 to 4 out of 5. There's one sudden dip in the road you can here me call out in the video. There's also 2 decent size potholes that may or may not be there when you ride this road. (I imagine they'll fill the things at some point. Those pot holes are much closer to the Ohio river side, and significant enough that you should be able to spot them well before you hit them, which is good, because God help you if you do hit them.) Overall 3.5/5

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