Morgan-Monroe Loop - By dhm2067

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By dhm2067 (2 McR Points) on May 01, 2015

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As others have stated, this is a great area to ride in South Central Indiana. I will admit I was only able to ride the northern and western legs of the published route. There is a bridge out for construction on RT 45 at the eastern end of Lake Lemon. Had I followed my first instinct, to back track just a little, I would have easily been back on track (there were no detour signs posted for assistance and while I did have my phone, I hate relying on GPS). So I took a relatively adventurous chance and headed back west along the south side of Lake Lemon, headed generally north on Shilo Rd then back east on E Anderson Rd then north on N Low Gap Rd then north west on Mahalasvile Rd toward Martinsvile. This detour was spectacular! I'll admit there were parts where the road was little more than a one lane paved path as it wound through the wooded areas, but there were also many more dwellings along this section than I expected. Low Gap Rd takes you past the residence of C R Schiefer stone sculptor. This was an almost foreign worldly experience and definitely unexpected.

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