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By mcowan (4 McR Points) on Nov 17, 2020

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Am a native Austinite and have been riding Volente area for as long as I've owned a bike and it's changed a lot over the last 10 years. Long portions of the Anderson Mill part of the ride have new pavement which is a huge improvement. Lime Creek was getting really busy on weekends pre-Covid, so if you want to really move you need to go early rather than later before all the lake traffic picks up. If you're new to this part of the ride...10mph means 10mph! You can probably take these blind corners faster, but the guy coming the opposite way might be in your lane so be ready. Get your speed coming out where you can see ahead. Also keep your eye on your mirrors as there are some seriously fast folks riding this road and they can be a little reckless if they know it.

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