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By Guest (22 McR Points) on May 14, 2010

Creator : Eric and Alice - Pittsboro, IN
Motorcycle Type : Touring

Alice and I drove this a couple of times, except we take 52 all the way from Indianapolis. There's a nice little cafe on the town square in Rushville that has the best friggin' sausage gravy around! Go on a Saturday morning and check out all the hippies (I say this in jest, they're good people) selling their wares at the farmer's market. Metamora is a nice place to stop as well. There are a bunch of quaint shops set up like an old 1840's town. I bet the buildings are original, well, at least they look it. There's even a leather shop for all of you riders that feel the need for a nice set of chaps. The prices aren't bad either. Don't forget to stop at one of the coffee shops there, and get an expresso shot.

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