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By NS0229 (9 McR Points) on Sep 10, 2014

Creator : NS0229
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A truely exceptional road! I've gone in the summer during some of the hottest days and being under lots of shade makes the experience relieving. Going down 7 lakes drive itself is a calming route with beautiful scenery with lakes galore. Lots of places to stop and smell the roses. I have a particular route that i am in love with:
once you reach the end of 7 lakes dr. and hit rt 17, turn north (right) for several miles until you reach a traffic light in front of an overpass. A sign should say "harriman state park." Take the exit left which will bring you to that aforementioned overpass. turn right and you'll be greeted with miles of good surfaced twisties filled with hairpins, increasing/decreasing radius turns all while weaving through more beautiful lakes. eventually youll hit a traffic circle that crosses the original Seven Lakes drive. Take the second exit so that you essentially bisect 7 lakes dr. and continue in a straight direction. This next road is a bit more technical however still a great surface and good fun even if you're doing the speed limit. this road will take you to palisades pkwy, which you will take north. go north until you hit exit 16 on the left side and stay right at the fork right after (Tiorati Brook Rd.) This road is equally twisty and technical, still a great surface, and shadows a brook the whole way. eventually you will hit the first traffic circle you encountered in the beginning or 7 lakes drive (with the picnic area on the right if your going south) and that will complete your loop! my favorite ride in the hudson valley so far and encourage everyone in the area to try it out. safe riding!

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