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By Wraith (24 McR Points) on Oct 30, 2020

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A mostly uninterrupted loop around a residential community. The highest speed limit is 30mph. The Eastside of the island is very twisty and typically ridden in 4th/5th gear. Must share the road with cyclists (some with an attitude). Remember that you're a visitor passing through a residential area, so ride through with a healthy dose of respect for the residents and wildlife there (deer, raccoons, squirrels, owls are often observed). Residents there often show their displeasure by standing on the shoulder with a camera to share videos on social media and complain. Well patrolled by law enforcement during the more pleasant season. Eastside of the island is well paved with fresh asphalt laid within the last two years (now 2020). Westside is not as nice, but still OK with some places are chip sealed and the gravel can be loose after the chilly season.

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