Highway 215 - By Graybush

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By Graybush (24 McR Points) on Mar 23, 2014

Creator : Graybush
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

A hidden gem. I rode this from AR 23 to AR 103, several times, in May 2013. Road surface was in good condition. Minimal traffic, just a few other bikes, a couple of cars, and an ATV was all we saw in numerous runs on this road.
On the west end there is a small grass airstrip so you'll sometimes see ultralights or helicopters flying in and out of it. The rest of the road is a mix of sweepers and tighter turns with good scenery and several pull offs overlooking a river.
NO services-gas, food, or anything else between AR 23 and AR 103.
After crossing Herrod's Creek near AR 23, there is an ATV park so be on the lookout for ATVs and/or people entering and exiting. This is a fun one so go enjoy!

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