The 800-250 Loop - By Akumu

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By Akumu (3916 McR Points) on Oct 25, 2020

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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

A decent loop. 800 is much more entertaining that 250, but 250 is more scenic and has more little stops to look at things along the way. The further North you go the less twisty and less sweepers things can be, so this seems to be much more of a cruiser/tourer type of ride here. If you're in the area and want to kill some time, see a pretty lake, trees, hills, recreation centers, and some decent sweepers (on 800) then you can't really go wrong. Be sure and check out the Route 800 videos I've submitted. (I didn't film 250, as the camera is mounted to the bike, not my helmet, so you can't really see the lake.)

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