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By sarah brown (0 McR Points) on Sep 02, 2019

Creator : Cold Beers
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

I was not in love with this route. In all fairness The Outback Scenic Byway was day four of a 1,300 mile ride that consisted of Oregon Hwy 101 and CA 299, those are hard to compete with. Maybe I was spoiled by that. So I'll go with a 4 instead of the 3 I thought about rating it.

My riding partner (on a 2001 H-D cruiser) started in Alturas and rode to LaPine today. Silver Lake to LaPine was better than Alturas to Silver Lake. It was just a lot of straight shot riding and sage brush for me and H-D felt the same. I did enjoy looking at the farms and old barns along the way and the occasional creek the road occasionally followed. We found gas in Silver Lake for the H-D who is hyper vigilant about topping off after running dry last year but still brags about getting 45 miles per gallon this trip. Lakeview had 3 gas stations to offer.
On the bright side I know what's here now the next time I plan a route.
Happy riding!

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