PA944 and PA997 - By Scruff

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By Scruff (21 McR Points) on Mar 02, 2016

Creator : Scruff
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Hit this route yesterday after work for a joy ride. I ride 944 on a regular basis and absolutely love it. The tarmac is superb as it twists through farm lands and wooded areas. Great view to the north as it runs parallel to the mountains.

The start of 997 is a little rough when it comes to the road conditions. The road has been patched in sections so there do happen to be a few bumps along the way. What this road lacks in comfort it makes up for in scenery. The views are to die for as to your right your are close to the mountains and to your left is open fields with another set of mountains off in the distance. Recommend hitting this one in the fall to enjoy the foliage. My only complaint is that the closer I got to Chambersburg, the ride felt more like a commute instead of a leisure joy ride. Not sure if that was due to the time of day I was riding and hit some traffic or the road itself. Definitely going to give this a fair evaluation and hit it again sometime in the future. As the saying goes, I'll try anything twice....

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