Rist Canyon Road - By CO Wanderer

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By CO Wanderer (8 McR Points) on Sep 05, 2016

Creator : CO Wanderer
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An exquisite gem of a road. Truly a road and not a highway. Its easy to see how this road started as a horse and wagon route and has not been engineered into a high speed highway. Nice sharp switchbacks and turns. Low traffic on the road, every time I have ridden it, which is 6 or 7 times in the last 2 years. I prefer to go up the canyon and then take Stove Prairie Road north if I am heading up the Cache la Poudre Canyon to Walden. It also makes a good leg of a half day loop in the foothills. It doesn't have the great scenic views of some routes, but is a fun road that puts a smile on your face when you ride it.

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