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By hardknocksoldier (2 McR Points) on May 26, 2015

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this was a very nice ride, thank you for the route. the roads were decent, there were a lot of twists and turns. Speeds varied from 25mph -50mph. I would consider myself an average rider, I just got back into riding this year 2015 after about a seven-year layoff. on the way to Akron I kept the speed at no more than 5 miles per hour over the speed limit. but on the way back I kept it between 5 and 10 miles an hour over the speed limit and was able to handle all the twists and turns and downshifting without a problem. I definitely will be riding this road again and again. just for the record I left out around 11 a.m. on a Tuesday there wasn't much traffic to contend with either way.

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