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By MrElsinore (2 McR Points) on May 05, 2018

Creator : MrElsinore
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My wife and I traveled this route April 29, 2018 and we couldn't be more disappointed. The road is in very poor shape, with some potholes so large as to be dangerous to motorcyclists. The road boasts very little in the way of twists and turns, and even if it did, there is such an overwhelming law enforcement presence on the route we didn't risk riding at even a slightly brisk pace (the speed limit is 35mph on most of the route). The only thing that made this ride somewhat worthwhile was the Heronry at the southern end of the route. We happened to be there while the giant Herons were nesting high in the trees, and it was a privilege to view these magnificent birds. We included Brandywine Falls in our trip, and while the falls themselves were nice, the road to the falls was nothing special. And that pretty much sums up this ride...nothing special.

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