The Lake Thunderbird Run - By Stalephreak

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By Stalephreak (160 McR Points) on Dec 06, 2015

Creator : Stalephreak
Motorcycle Type : Sport

This road is good for where it is, stuck right between two cities in close proximity to each other. The city part of Norman is every bit the exercise in frustration. Cagers are all around you, and they may or may not be paying attention. The country sections are legitimately fun. Tar snakes are all over, but the speed limit is low, so it's not like they'll break your traction. It's a bunch of mid-speed, straight lines, through the country. Okay, nice diversion, and probably a really nice way to kill time or learn to ride if you're in the area. It's a lousy road to just travel to ride. Roads like this do make me wonder how different the world is between cruiser and the rest of us.

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