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By opuscroakus62 (4 McR Points) on Aug 05, 2016

Creator : opuscroakus62
Motorcycle Type : Touring

We combined this ride with the taco run, but we took a right onto 169 to Enumclaw then out 410. This was a great ride even in a bit of summer traffic with an average speed of about 60 dropping to some 20- 30 mph twisty switchbacks that provide some Pretty terrific scenery. The road quality is pretty good, but there is the occasional pot hole or rough patch.

Be warned! If you're afraid of heights the switchbacks approaching the summit of chinook pass may give you some serious willies! We ended our ride with an over night stay at Whistlin Jacks in Cliffdell. On the way home we took our time and puttered around on the way back taking in all the sights in the area along 410.

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