Dirty Driving to Lake Lure - By Brian Fistler

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By Brian Fistler (91 McR Points) on Apr 13, 2015

Creator : bkfist
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Scenic route. Pleasant drive, with lots of twisty roads in the town of Lake Lure itself, however, I've been through Lake Lure 8 different times and have YET to not end up behind some jeep or mini-van doing 25 mph, slowing down for every "fun" corner. The last time was after Easter Weekend when the town comes alive for the season and the traffic was 5X as bad.
Outside of town, where the curves are mostly gentle sweepers, there is less traffic and it's moving at a faster pace, but there are very few "fun" (as in sport bike fun) corners outside the town itself.

Also, should you think about going up the road to chimney rock and not planning on paying the $15 entrance fee to get into the park, save your time and suspension. The road going up the mountain to the entrance gates is narrow, full of patches, blind corners, often with the road not wide enough for 2 vehicles, and there isn't a view to speak of from the turn-around point , unless you are going to pay the $15 per person to go into the actual park and go up to the top of Chimney Rock.

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