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By Trev351w (2 McR Points) on Mar 28, 2015

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Amazingly scenic ride. I went exactly as the instructions mentioned (15 to Clinton Keith). The initial road there is beautiful, scenic and well maintained. Nothing too technical. Once you get to the drop its a bit crazy and steeper than I expected but not pants-wetting. Once down, the roads are in great shape but there are residences here so there are driveways to keep an eye out for. Traffic is very light but the first part has some hills that you won't be able to see over. Once onto De Luz it becomes breath taking. The roads are a little rough in places but it looks like they've been filling in some of the gaps with fresh asphalt. I did notice a few patches of dirt that came into the middle of the lane on both sides (closer to Fallbrook) and there are lots of trees which overhang, creating a canopy and occasionally dropping small branches or debris into the road. Still, well worth the ride!

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