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By Tamsyn (2 McR Points) on Sep 06, 2015

Creator : Tamsyn
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Found this to be a nice ride in terms of "slice of Old Florida" scenery. Sandhill cranes, cattle ranches and a potato farm. Only thing is the road condition. Since 2013, things have obviously degraded. There is a great deal of buckling of the edges, some of it getting clear to the middle of the lane and close to the center line. It rides like a crowned road, and it isn't one. I think the last two wet seasons have done this road in. The county is replacing the Myakka River bridge on this road, so hopefully they will repair the rest of the road. The turns are as the original poster says, though now might not be such a great idea to use for chicken strip removal. Still a nice Sunday ride, but looking forward to better times when they fix up the asphalt. Oh, and don't do it early in the AM when the sun is coming up; the sun catches you on the best turns just the wrong way.

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