Von Hoak Loop - By leeannev

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By leeannev (2 McR Points) on Oct 23, 2016

Creator : Leeanne
Motorcycle Type : Other

Please be aware when riding this route there are farms with horses and riders. Motorcycle traffic has increased greatly along this route since it was posted here. I ride and train horses at a farm along this route. A group on motorcycles came screaming down our 35mph road. We were a group on horseback riding in a pasture near the road. My horse spooked as the motorcycles approached and turned to get away. He ran into the back end of another horse, who started kicking at him. Then he started jumping and bucking and I got launched. When I landed on the ground I shattered my arm. Thankfully I wear a helmet when I ride and was not paralyzed. Do you think those riders looked twice to save a life? No. They didn't even slow down. Please be aware, whether on this or any of the other beautiful routes on this site, you are not out there all alone. The actions you take have consequences on others. Look twice save a life applies to more than just motorcycles. Please keep an eye out for equestrians. Please slow down and make sure no one gets bucked out of the saddle as you pass by. If they do, please stop and offer assistance.

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