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By GSXRVA (2 McR Points) on Feb 08, 2015

Creator : GSXRVA
Motorcycle Type : Sport

2015 February 08. The start on river road is horrible, rich people can't drive at all. River road itself is very slow turns especially with traffic. Now there are a lot if gigantic houses that's cool you pass which was pretty cool along with some big churches. The churches looked like mini schools. Once you cross over rt 6 it picks up a bit. Some Turing here and there nothing to grand. When you cross over broad street and get closer to Ashland you get some nice turns and a few long switchbacks. So overall if it isn't a lot of traffic you get some good riding in. Biggest part is I never saw a cop, but be careful passing Hunting Hawk you might get hit with a stray golf ball. LOL. Other than that, not a bad ride 3 thumbs up.

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