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By penelope cruiser (7 McR Points) on Sep 21, 2014

Creator : Ted
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A really nice short ride for a Saturday morning -- did this with a couple friends, one of whom was a beginner and he had no problem with it. Road quality is excellent, only Schley Rd could use a repaving and Guess Rd near Durham obviously is much more heavily trafficked and so you have usual city infrastructure (manholes, etc.) to deal with. But 80% of the roads are superb.

Scenery is nice, nothing fantastic really but just a nice relaxing ride through country roads. It's great how you can start right in Durham near Duke and get out of the city so quickly without having to take the highway.

The best part was probably Guess Rd coming out of Hurden Mills, just before hitting Durham. That 15-20 minute stretch has some nice curves, good scenery, really just a treat.

Note as always that grass can collect on the road due to people cutting their grass. Sometimes it collects in a shaded turn, so it can be a little unsuspecting, so watch out for that. Other than that, very little debris, no particularly tricky turns, a very good ride for an amateur. Very low traffic, except for Guess Rd near Durham.

Very few amenities, but it's such a short ride that's really not a problem. There are several gas stations en route, but not much else. Looked like there was a small picnic spot near the pond in Hurdle Mills if that's your thing. There's also Little River Park just off Guess Rd but I didn't stop at either of those places.

The only change I might make is to take some other than Guess Rd back into the city, because you get so relaxed about 40 minutes in and then all of the sudden the traffic hits and it kinda kills the vibe. It's tricky though cuz you gotta get over the eno. I might try getting off at Russell Rd from Guess Rd, then taking Cole Mill Rd across the eno next time.

Overall, definitely recommend for a nice country ride just outside Durham.

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