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By chadguy (2 McR Points) on Apr 13, 2015

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I do enjoy this ride quite often as it is between work and home. My favorite part is crossing the dam on the south end of the lake. If the wind is from the north, the water drops the air temperature a good ten degrees.

It is very important on this ride to remember you are sharing the road with many bicyclists and the occasional horseback riders. For that reason and the facts that many of the curves are blind and you will almost always pass a police officer or ranger, keep your speed at or below the posted limit and just enjoy the relaxing cruise around the lake.

There are numerous roads marked as Points that you can venture down to see the lake, some of which have great curves themselves. Each point ends with a nice paved cul-de-sac for easy turn around or parking. There are a couple of parks and rest areas as well.

On the north end of the lake, I highly advise that you stick with the map and avoid 89th street. That section of Stanley Draper Road that shares 89th street is in terrible condition at the moment. The portion that is west of Douglas is also currently under construction as they appear to be adding a new bridge. The road there is completely closed... well, actually at the moment it is completely gone.

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