NC Route 89 & 8 - By BigDandSquish

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By BigDandSquish (2 McR Points) on Sep 22, 2014

Creator : BigDandSquish
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My husband and I both loved this ride and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys those twisty & winding roads! There is a fantastic section that has embanked curves that will have you riding left then right then left again and so on like rollercoaster! This was one great ride! If you need an end destination to put into your GPS, Tuggles Gap Restaurant and Motel is a cute little place to grab a bite to eat, a drink, and talk with plenty of other riders enjoying the same route (Hwy 8). We didn't stay in the motel but went on to Floyd, VA about 6 miles further down 8 (more fun curves on the road) and stayed at the Pine...something (Tavern I think) Inn and that was an adorable place with only 7 rooms. Very clean and friendly owners, good homecookin' from the restaurant too. As far as level of difficulty, know your skills, pay attention to the signs, and ride within your comfort level. Hope y'all find this review helpful and add this road to your ride list!

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