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By chucktaggart (15 McR Points) on Mar 05, 2015

Creator : Chuck T
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

The review on this is dead on. Beautiful ride! Roads are in great condition. There is NOTHING between Furnace Creek and Shoshone AT ALL other than open roads. In March, when I went, I went the entire 72 miles without passing a single car. TIP = I almost did not stop for this, but I decided last second to do it. Make sure to do the side road called "Artists Drive". It is one lane and one way along the east side of the road, so it parallels for about 4 miles. You do not miss much time by taking it, and it is worth the stop. If you are bringing lunch, make a point to stop at Artists Palette on this side road to eat. You will understand why when you get there.

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