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By Traildog (2 McR Points) on Aug 18, 2018

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I have done the old ore road three times. Beginning in 2015. Twice in my 2013 GMC 4 wheel drive and once on my KTM 990 Adventure motorcycle. I was loaded pretty heavy with camping gear, food and spare gas on the motorcycle trip. As mentioned before elsewhere on the site, the road is all rock and very rough in places. Some large steps and sandy washes along with loose gravel and creek crossings. Small enduros and dirt bikes are better suited for this road. Scenery is very good especially if you take the time to explore the canyons and trails. Earnst Tinaja is a really cool campsite. Bear boxes are located at most, if not all, of the campsites. Javelinas are common. I would not recommend this road for novices.

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