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By bikerdom_rt (2 McR Points) on Jul 17, 2016

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Took this trip yesterday for a Saturday afternoon ride. We originally tried this ride a couple of years ago but did not finish it because of problems with the directions. We started the ride in Delevan and finished in Beloit. The name is a misnomer since if you only take the trip in one direction there are not 18 bridges.

The scenery is nice and the roads are good for any skill level of rider. There are a few curves but the roads are mostly straight until you come to a turn. Some of the roads do not have a street sign or the name does not match what is in the directions or the map.

There is nothing unique about most of the bridges. Two of the bridges are single lane with metal grating. The only really cool bridge was for a train and it was made of stone. One bridge, the one on E Creek, was closed two years ago and was still closed. This is either at the beginning or end of the ride depending on your starting point.

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