Windmill Mountain - By Draciron

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By Draciron (2 McR Points) on Sep 18, 2016

Creator : Draciron
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Really good ride, thanks for posting this. Though some suggestions. I ran it in reverse for a few reasons and went 84 to 669 down to Gail and then over on 180 to Lamesa. 669 is a fun road to ride, though watch out for sand in the road after heavy rains. Smooth turns, nice views, lots of wildlife. Really enjoyed it. Instead of going down from Lamesa it's better in my opinion to climb up. It was really cool to go from one moment climbing a hill then the next cresting it and being surrounded by giant wind turbines then ending in Lamesa. Safer and more impressive in my opinion. The friend I rode this route with has ridden further South and we are going to check that out sometime soon.

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