MO 72 - By Donald Reischman

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By Donald Reischman (30 McR Points) on Oct 17, 2012

Creator : troaf76
Motorcycle Type : Touring

Only rated a 4 because of the lack of technical skills needed. I personally prefer a curvier road if I'm out for the sheer fun of it. All other apects, I'd rate a 5. Our group has used this route numerous times to get into the Ozarks. Road surface is good to very good most of the way. You can stop off at Fredericktown, which is about half way through. There's gas, and if you side track and go through town, a few places to eat as well. A convenient store/gas stop is at the junction of 72 and I-67 on the western edge of town. Be sure to stop and look at the end of the ride where 72 and 21 meet. On the right, there's what looks like a typical convenience store. But go to the back once inside, and experience the miniature Bass Pro Shop there(not really BPS, but lots of sporting goods). First time in there, I was really surprised. Go any direction from the end, and every road I've been on is good as well. You can't go wrong.

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