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By MettaRide (8 McR Points) on Aug 14, 2013

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Both the Big Horns and Chief Jo are spectacular rides! We've never strung them together as we typically spend a night in Cody when riding through N & NW Wyoming. Chief Jo is one of our favorites of all time due to its spectacular scenery. We like to ride it first thing in the morning when we're fresh and so is the day. We then continue on 212 through northern Yellowstone, and on into MT via 89. We always stop at Painters Outpost for a hearty breakfast (about 25 miles west of Chief Jo's hairpins but before you hit the Beartooth turnoff.) The Big Horns we have done (and loved) several times as well. We call it the "Top of the World" because once you've summited you get 30 miles or so of unbridled mountaintop riding before descending through a long series of steep hairpins. Several times we've had to outrun T-storms up there, but that's typical Wyoming.

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