Columbia Gorge Forest Loop - By Col. Gorge Lady Rider

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By Col. Gorge Lady Rider (8 McR Points) on Jul 19, 2015

Creator : Col. Gorge Lady Rider
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Gorgeous ride. Live in Hood River Valley, so I did more like a 180-mile ride on a warm summer day. Took about 8 hours. Lots of twistys on relatively quiet roads. There are 2 spots of gravel patches on NF-23 about 200 yards each, and the 7/10 mile patch on NF-90. The forest service roads can be rough, there are sinkholes on outer edge. Stop at the Trout Lake gas station for a map of area, makes it easy to navigate. Good idea to top off the gas tank. Also just past the Eagle Cliff General Store there is an awesome swimming hole, on the Lewis River. If you stop and swim make sure you get a NW Forest Pass,first, you can get at Mt. Adams Ranger Station in Trout Lake and other places. The road to Carson, (Curly Creek Rd) is AWESOME. Stop at McClellan Viewpoint for a view of Mt. St. Helens, then be prepared for lots of smooth twistys on newly paved road. This ride would also be great during the fall colors.

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