Carbon River - Hwy 165 - By Grizz_BIA

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By Grizz_BIA (13 McR Points) on Jun 14, 2016

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This is an outstanding route. YOu don't have to go to Sumner to start it, thought the roads through South Prairie are nice as well. WA-165 starts in Buckley, WA and runs up the side of the Mountain. Both Wilkenson and Carbonado have good food and drink stops on the way up or down.
WA-165 forks after the Fairfax Bridge (cool spot). The left fork remains paved until the Ranger Station where there is a small leg stretch 1/3 mile nature trail (also has longer trails up to waterfalls if that's your deal). Also you can access the Carbon River at this point, but a washput past the ranger station has closed off access to deeper in the park (by vehicle) permanently.
The right fork goes to Mowich Lake, but is unpaved and frequented by 4x4s which usually stop at the ORV park half way up. The unpaved section is approx. 16 miles, and both twisty and heaviliy gouged, so expect to be slow to get to the lake.

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