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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Apr 27, 2011

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Interesting... I've been riding FM4 for the last 15 years and never heard it called "Santo Highway"! If you're only riding from Palo Pinto to Santo, that certainly is the best stretch of the road, but you're missing out on the other 75 miles of FM4. Start in Cleburne at Hwy 67 and follow FM4 north from there (or in Graford and go south). Follow it through downtown area of Granbury, through Lipan and then into Santo (that's about 55-60 miles). Not real technical twisty roads but loads of fast sweepers that are very entertaining. The next 15 miles into Palo Pinto are among the more fun roads in north TX and I'll often ride out from the DFW area just to do this stretch a few times. But keep going north on FM4 from Palo Pinto - the first few miles are more of the same before the road really straightens out a lot (good for high speed runs... traffic is very sparse!), ending in Graford. 90+ miles of continuous fun on the same road... Turn around and repeat going the other direction :)

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