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By dunno (4 McR Points) on Jun 09, 2015

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I've only been on the short bit south of 180 going South. This is one of the few roads in N. Texas with elevation AND camber at the same time. Coming down the hill looking south gives a nice panoramic of the cross timbers area.
One word of caution: This route is popular with bikers. We were passed by 5-6 sport bikes going north on our way south. Ergo it's also popular with the law. We were stopped by a trooper hiding in the bushes (literally; way off the road near the fence) for going 6. He had been so busy writing tickets that he had run out of paper. Even after searching through his trunk for several minutes he had to let us go w/ a warning. My cohort with no inspection or ins card was very relieved to put it lightly.
Your luck may vary.

Have a great ride!

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