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By Alwims (2 McR Points) on Jun 11, 2014

Creator : Alwims
Motorcycle Type : Touring

Wife and I road this route today. Not bad, roads a little rough and slow way down for the cattle guards. Been no rain for quite some time so no water over the road anywhere. 1st half was pretty interesting 2nd half got a little boring. Make sure you fill up in Comstock as we came out of Del Rio and didn't fill up in Comstock planning on fill up at Loma something or other on hwy. 277. We got to that little hole in the wall only to find out he had run out of gasoline. We rode on fumes all the way back to Del Rio, bucking a head wind for 40 miles. We made it, but the bike sputtered just as we pulled into the gas station.

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