The Red River Cruise - By venomousdecoy

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By venomousdecoy (7 McR Points) on Feb 07, 2016

Creator : venomousdecoy
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

This was originally a spur of the moment ride. I had originally made plans for Sunday to go on a different route but seeing how the map guy bailed on us for a quick Saturday ride I looked this one up and we rode out to it. It was so nice I bailed on Sundays route and did it twice both days back to back. It's very scenic and lovely. Good turns and straight aways. Some odd reason everytime we stopped in forrestburg it seemed like there was something going on. Saturday we ran into a Honda goldwing group that had to be 15 to 20 people strong. Then Sunday a group of classic cars shows up. It was an amazing ride and found some good spots to eat in St. Jo and Muenster. Plenty of rode and a lot of bikes out there. People who live in the area are nice and helpful. Windmills look amazing and you van get up close

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