The Fulshear 44 - By Free Time in TX

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By Free Time in TX (3 McR Points) on Jun 12, 2015

Creator : Free Time in TX
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Needed a way out of the house today, and this was the answer. I started this route at Pepperoni's Pizza in Fulshear. Their lemonade was refreshing since it took me a while this morning to get there. The 8" special is pretty good, though authentic New York Pizza is really still in NY, with a thin crust, and the ability to order by the slice. 1468 has a few slick spots from the road tar for the cracks. This route is busy enough to keep you from stopping for roadside photos. The Stephen F. Austin state park is free as long as you aren't stopping to use their facilities. When you check into their front office, just say you want their promo pass. If you stop it's $5 per person. They just re-opened due to the heavy rain and flooding a few weeks ago. The park is open, but nearly all of their trails are still closed. If this is going to be a stop for a hike, check with the front office before venturing out. This would be a very nice place to stop in the spring/fall. Just getting back on the bike this morning, I was nearly carried away by the gnats and mosquito's. Make sure you pack bug spray. I changed it around a bit, and instead of making the left onto US90 from 359, I made a right on US90 and another left onto 1489 and followed that back down to Simonton. 1489 was quite nice, with a few sweeping turns. No real slick areas like 1468. All in all, I'd see this area again. Next time I'll probably have the family meet me at the park for lunch. I will also probably stop in Fulshear again for a stop at the pizzeria, or maybe the cafe next time.

I gave the route a 3 as it is rather short. Tractor trailers were pretty thick through Fulshear and Simonton. Traffic was busy enough to keep you behind that one person who wants to do 40MPH in a 55MPH zone. Next time I'm in the area I will re-evaluate. Hopefully there will be less traffic.

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