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By dentalprodigy (3 McR Points) on Sep 25, 2016

Creator : dentalprodigy
Motorcycle Type : Standard

This is an awesome ride with fast sweepers with elevation changes. The ride doesn't get monotonous with the fairly constant changes in direction. It was my first time riding this route (see video attached) and I'd say I went 7/10th's of my comfort level and maintained 35-40 mph throughout the ride. Speed ranges from high 20's- high 60's. It's not exactly scenic but trust me you don't want to be distracted anyways because it's a narrow road with no margin for error. There's a double yellow line with oncoming traffic, no shoulder with no possible run off areas so ride within your limits. It's mostly lined with trees with a few glimpses of a river or water bodies for short intervals. The road surface was in good condition with very little debris but use common sense to avoid obvious potential threats ie runoff gravel from gravel driveways, loose sand/dirt near edge of road. Google "Chads Ford post office on Baltimore pike" and make that your start point. Go south on Creek rd, follow Rt 100 signs, then Rt 82 signs. I'll echo the same thoughts as other reviewers on skipping North Creek Rd because it's not as twisty, fun, technical so don't waste your time. I rode this on a late fall (September 25th, 2016) Sunday 11:00AM morning and there was barely any traffic. Trees form a nice canopy that keep the temps cool even on a 70's F sunny day so I'd recommend an extra layer underneath your usual full gear. I wore pj's underneath my motorcycle pants but just a fruit of the loom undershirt under my jacket and felt cold in the early part of the ride ~11:00AM. So I'd at least wear a full-sleeved undershirt under my motorcycle jacket.

There's a Sunoco gas station at the start point (Chads Ford post office) and a CVS nearby (for restroom, water etc).

Not sure why this has a ~3 star rating, I really enjoyed myself on this route. Definitely gets a full 5 stars from me.

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