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By wiggledbits (4 McR Points) on Aug 05, 2011

Creator : wiggledbits
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Started on Sunday afternoon after a very hard couple of weeks at work. The trip out was a bit crowed with cars and a few trailers and boats being towed. Of course as always I ran into these at the best sections of road so I was disappointed but reminded myself it was Sunday. I stayed at the AllSeasons motel in Detroit that was inexpensive and clean. Monday morning I headed south towards Sweet Home and took Straight Creek Road 19 miles out of Detroit. Nice 70m side road to Sweet Home. This road starts as a 2 lane and goes to single so you have to be careful but I encountered only 3 other travelers on the road. Nice curves and good condition with 2 or 3 gravel danger spots. Monday late afternoon I was back in Detroit to take 224 back towards home in Portland. Them I got a real taste for the road in this review. They must have fixed the potted areas as it was in great condition. Bitchen views, some tighter corners and a number of triple digit sweepers. Not that I would speed or anything. Worth doing as a day drive mid week for sure!

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