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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jul 12, 2009

Creator : Michael McMahon
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I actually grew up at the north end of this route, just outside Penn Yan, so I know this road very well. 54A is the route down the west side of the lake, through Branchport, a nice tiny little town. The road winds down the West side of the lake, and is full of cottages and mostly 35 mph under a canopy of trees. The route down the east side of the lake, Route 54, is more of a highway and a much faster road. You still see the lake most of the time, but the cottages are on small side roads that connect to the highway every two or three miles, so you don't have hundreds of driveways on the road. Speeds, if I remember correctly, are 55 mph for most of the road. The east side road is mainly sweepers, whereas the west side road is more hilly and much more twisty. And I COMPLETELY agree with the other poster who suggested you check out the Curtiss museum in Hammondsport, at the South end of the lake. (It's on 54 just to the east of town, easy to find.) Before he built and flew the first amphibious planes, Curtiss was a world speed record holder on motorcycles, and he also invented the RV trailer. Great museum with airplanes, motorcycles, and reconstruction projects. Check it out. Mike from

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