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By COG-528 (8 McR Points) on Sep 22, 2015

Creator : COG-528
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

NJ's Skyline Drive runs from I-287 in Oakland to Greenwood Lake Turnpike aka County Route 511. It is a heavily traveled winding road with NO PASSING ZONES!!! This means one slow vehicle backs up everyone. Still on the rare occasion when traffic doesn't slow you down it is a nice ride. The downhill section that had been scarified has finally been repaved to smooth pavement again.

Greenwood Lake Turnpike from Ringwood to Greenwood Lake is a nice ride but also can have traffic to hold you up.

I consider these roads as a scenic route to get away from the suburban sprawl of NE New Jersey and out to the open roads that really allow me to enjoy my motors.

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