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By Steve (2 McR Points) on Jul 23, 2011

Creator : Steve
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A nice relaxing ride, I take this ride almost every time I can. I usually stop at one of the pull offs south of Odiorne Point to stretch my legs and watch the water. When I get up into Rye, I usually pull off of 1A and travel up 1B into Newcastle, stopping at Fort Constitution for another little walk around.

The temperature on the coast is typically cooler as well, making it for a more comfortable ride in the hot days of the summer.

Be sure to follow the speed limit and watch for heavy pedestrian traffic, as there are a lot of police patrolling around Hampton and Rye. The higher population of motorcycle riders in the area does make the roads more bike friendly, but the police are typically less friendly, especially on the Hampton Beach strip. Also, be on the lookout for people who like to pull stunts on their bikes - these people aren't usually paying attention to the vehicles around them and I've had a few close calls on both my bike and in my car.

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