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By rhassan (2 McR Points) on Sep 30, 2011

Creator : rhassan
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I ran through this route just today, only I did it clockwise rather than counter-clockwise. Still a lot of nice stuff to see. It's a little trickier in this way though, harder to follow the directions. I saw a lot of country nearby my home town that I'd never seen before. At the moment, some pieces of North River Road are under construction. It's still rideable, but the surface is rough. There's a section of E 100 N that's gravel. The back roads through the Buck Creek area were a lot of fun to ride. Also South River Road was a good fun road. Campus driving was slow today. There was a big crowd out tailgating at the corner of State Road 26 and McCormick with much drunken revelry. Overall, the trip took at least two hours, but it was two hours well-spent, with some historic monuments, river views, back roads through tall corn, and canopied roads with changing, falling leaves, some hilly, twisty turns, wind in the face, and sun on the back. This is my first path that I've followed, and I'm eager for more!!

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