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By White Wolf (30 McR Points) on Jun 16, 2016

Creator : White Wolf
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Great Ride! Highly recommend! Following the described route directions, the road surface leaving Lake Isbella can have some rough parts until you get to the 190. Lots of 2nd gear turns with some very narrow sections before you reach the 190 as well. However, the views are spectacular as you climb in elevation. Once on the 190, the road quality improves massively and the corners become more sweepers (60mph ). Around the Camp Nelson area, the road tightens up drastically! It's miles and miles and miles of 2nd gear switch backs with even some 1st gear thrown in. It will wear you out wonderfully! The views are fantastic all the way. The road stays a 2 lane road the entire way. Be careful on the south end of the 190 as it's a popular backpacker/day hiker spot. It's the mountains, so be aware of deer as well. This road is closed for winter. Elevation is high if your bike is carbureted.

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