Westgard Pass - By PoopyMoose

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By PoopyMoose (8 McR Points) on Sep 18, 2012

Creator : PoppyMoose
Motorcycle Type : Touring

We took this road as a "quicker way home" back to "Lost Wages" as it saves, according to the GPS, a whopping 15 miles from the more common Lone Pins-Death Valley-Pharump route and let me tell you this ... it was the VERY best part of the 4 day weekend ride. Now that is saying something when we had just gone through the PCH and Yosemite!!!

We all had "big boys toys" (Goldwings and Ultra Classics) and found the ride to be fun, definately not a race fr any of us!

Its hard to describe the feeling of narrowness as you pass though the "narrows" ... but it MUST be wider than it looks as ther isn't. A vehicle restrtiction (other a ban ln trailers over 40ft, a wise one at that!)

Fuel in Big Pine, CA and Goldfield or Beatty in NV are no brainers. They are right, there are NO services inbetween those points!

Is this a ride I will do again (during the summer months) Oh, |-|ELL, YES it sure is!!!

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