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By MonstrousMia (2 McR Points) on Jul 19, 2016

Creator : Mia
Motorcycle Type : Sport

One of my favorite rides ever. Go in the morning in the summer like I did and you'll experience perfect weather and a relatively solitary ride all the way through. You'll be surrounded by nothing but trees along the way to the generous smattering of tourist rest stops and gas stations.

The pavement is stellar; there are very few sketchy patches if at all. The curves are in huge abundance at the midway point. Good pavement a lot of curves with strong visibility really let you cut loose.

All around this is a great route. Lots of gorgeous vistas, plentiful rest stops, and well-paved twisties.

The only bummer is that I went through maybe 4 construction zones where I had to stop for a good accumulated chunk of time. Maybe it was just bad luck that day, but it was the only real damper to what was an overall blissful, perfect ride.

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