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By mooseariss (4 McR Points) on Jul 26, 2011

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Beyond the "picturesque" look of this ride, the road conditions are less than desirable. I ride this road every other day, and there are several parts on the road, where you pretty much should stand on your bike to avoid physical torture to yourself, or damaging to your bike. For about 1/2 mile there is an area called Portuguese bend. This part of the road is notorious for being uneven and as crooked as a politician. the road shifts constantly, so what you expect to be one day can change the next.
There are several points during this road where there are street turn outs around the corner from a blind turn, making this hazardous for anyone coming around the corner at a relatively quick rate. At one point you wind up going through a neighborhood, where the residence have a tendency to come out and throw things at you or spray water on you because you are "annoying" them.

If it was not for PCH in the area being so congested and badly maintained I would just avoid this road all together.

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