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By White Wolf (30 McR Points) on May 07, 2016

Creator : White Wolf
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Unbelievably fantastic road!!! Took this road in May 2015. I traveled from north to south. The northern part of this road is tight twisty after twisty after twisty! A sport bike riders dream! Honestly, I had to pull up a few times just to catch my breath. The longest straight in this section is about 100 feet. Great pavement. Banked corners. Didn't see a single car on a Saturday! Did see some cows on the hwy though lol. By the time you get to the straighter sections, you're thankful for the break! This road will wear you out in a good way. Highly, highly recommend for sport/sport tour riders. Guys on Harley's won't have any pegs left when they're done! Couldn't tell you what the scenery is like because I was to busy trail braking into the corner after corner after corner after corner, for miles and miles, with no other soul on the road.

Be sure to fuel up because there is NO GAS anywhere on this road.

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