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By sgoetz628 (2 McR Points) on Jun 17, 2016

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Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

If you like tight twisties, this is the road for you. Omg! Virtually every turn, and there are lots of them, is banked perfectly. The pavement, as of May 2016, is in perfect condition. And the traffic, when I rode it - a Saturday afternoon in mid-May, was virtually nonexistent. I rode down maybe 15 miles of its roughly 20 miles of really good (curvy) stuff, turned around and went back up 5 miles, then down again. In all that time I encountered exactly one car.

Having ridden just about anything worth riding in the eastern US, as well as most good twisties in Northern California, I find this to be the best tight twisties road ever. And dang, what a find!!!

Make the effort. It will be worth it.

PS - the main entrance into Sequoia is a hoot too! Just get to it early if it's summer

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