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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jan 19, 2010

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The part of highway 103 that I want to talk about is the stretch from Oark to Clarksville. I have taken it several times over the past few years. You can connect with it via highway 215 from the Pig Trail (highway 23) just north of Cass. Highway 215 is a great little road too, but highway 103 is the showcase here. By the way if you are hungry (or not) stop in at the Oark General Store and Cafe (est. 1890) and visit the oldest operating store in Arkansas. Go south on Highway 103 toward Clarksville, it is a great ride through heavy forest and then you are treated with a great view of the river valley before dropping down off the mountain enjoying some hairpin curves along the way. It is a 20 mile ride with very little traffic and plenty of curves. By the way, the first time I rode it, I turned around and rode it back the other way. Either way it is great little stretch of road. Enjoy!

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