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By timac (9 McR Points) on Jun 11, 2020

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Note: As of June 2020, Route 36 is closed in 2-3 sections. In two sections, the road is down to 1 lane - 15-25 minute wait. Towards the Western end (approximately 25 miles East of Fortuna) the road is closed completely and only allows passage at 12p and 5p. Plan accordingly. This route is challenging and unforgettable. The 140 miles will take you most of the day due to the "rollercoaster" design in many parts. WARNING: Cross-traffic may drift into your lane on tight curves (and because they're typically driving on 4 wheels). Highlights: • Red Bluff - Cute town at the start of 36 • Mad River - Burger Bar (awesome breakfast/lunch stop) • Dinsmore - Gas/Store (5 miles from complete road closure) • Burr Valley - This is the payoff • Burr Valley - Road has been de-twistied (the reason for road closure). For fun, look on Google Maps of what the road used to look like. Apparently, truckers complained so much they straightened it out. Hidden Gem: At the 36 coastal end-point, there is a little town called Ferndale. This place is

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